I mean…they literally do. Here is an article that includes a visual breakdown of housework, including lawn care. That was from a quick Google search. The numbers are from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The graph shows how many hours per week are contributed toward certain household tasks.

Men have historically used this argument to justify not contributing more: “I do the repairs and the yard work, she does the cooking and cleaning.” This graph breaks down nicely how unfair that system is. Yard work and repairs aren’t daily tasks; they’re intermittent. No matter how meticulous you are in your lawn upkeep, it will never add up to the number of hours dedicated to, say, washing dishes, cooking meals, picking up after the kids, cleaning, etc. Because those tasks are daily as opposed to as needed. Also, women do contribute to lawn care. I don’t know why you think there’s this universal truth that women just expect that to be done for them?

Maybe instead of making unfounded arguments, do your own research first? Putting the burden of explanation on marginalized people is 1. exceedingly privileged, and 2. exhausting af.

Queerdo. Writer. Gamer. Witchy. She/They. https://linktr.ee/eewchristman

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