What Tuca & Bertie Gets Right About Trauma

Netflix’s short-lived Tuca & Bertie is the brainchild of animator Lisa Hanawalt, who also works on the hit animated show Bojack Horseman. The one-season sitcom follows the friendship of the titular 30-year-old BFF bird women as they navigate the perils of adulthood, including jobs, family, relationships, and each other. There’s a lot to love about this show. Besides being hilarious, it also plays with animation in a way that most modern cartoons do not, using the 2-D environment to create jokes that can only exist in a drawn space.

Even if my breasts never leave my body to chastise misogynist coworkers, I RELATE.
Vaping plant lady neighbor is mood.

Queerdo. Writer. Gamer. Witchy. She/They. https://linktr.ee/eewchristman

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